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We're passionate about great food shared with good friends and living a life well-spent in the outdoors!

Celebrating a fine day spent on the water or in the outdoors with friends and great tasting food just seem to go together!

Whether your go-to après is fresh seafood, ribs on the grill or fish tacos, we think you’ll find Captain Tom’s Datil Pepper Sauce simply makes everything taste better!

Central Florida waterman, outdoorsman and food enthusiast – Captain Tom Van Horn founded the Captain Tom’s Datil Pepper Sauce brand to share a true local flavor with you. Spending a lifetime on the water and preparing tasty food has always been a passion, and we know you’ll enjoy the sweet heat that our Captain Tom’s Datil Pepper Sauces bring to your table!

A uniquely Florida favorite, the secret to our sauces is the distinctive fruity taste of one of our favorites – the Datil Pepper.

We grow all of our Datil Peppers in Central Florida (Chuluota to be exact), which provide a sweet, fresh flavor to our sauces. Our peppers are grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals and receive the love, attention and Florida sunshine they need to flourish!

captain tom van horn
captain tom's datil pepper sauce


Captain Tom has been making his sweet and tasty datil pepper sauce in the heart of Central Florida for over 35 years. What started as a fire house tradition grew into a passion for life, adventure, and the Florida outdoor lifestyle and of course very tasty food. The legacy of this traditional datil pepper sauce began over 240 years ago and still exists today for you to enjoy.

At Captain Tom’s Datil Pepper Sauce, our focus is on enjoying life to its fullest – on the water, in our homes and in our hearts.

Passion is what drives us, and our motivation is creating the most flavorful dipping and grilling sauce on the planet!